„Akarj! Remélj! Szeress! És tiéd lesz újra a Föld!”
Herman Hesse

DIY Foldable Metal Dog Cage


How to create a big dog cage about $50. It tooks me about 20h to build this cage.

First I buy a metal mesh. Its about 5m long. The grids division size is 15cm*7.5cm.
Then cut the pages.
The side page is:
width: 9 hole
height: 10 hole
Side page is:
width: 5 hole
height: 10 hole
Bottom page is:
width: 9 hole
height:12 hole
From the bottom side do not cut off the dangling parts, later it will hold the sides, after blend it up.

First I try to bend up the bottom part sides. It is easy when you try near the cross lines, but when I try the left and right sides it is hard to measure the correct width of the whole page. So I bend one side, then bent the other side and cut it, at the end I weld it back, to correct size.
Now put the sides on. Bend the dangling pars up one-to wan, the side pages, to hold the side page. Then cut the dangling part. Now you can fold the side pages.

I'm using a hilti belt to keep the top page in correct place. Now cut the holes to the doors.
From the remaining parts cut the doors, let it dangle 1 division. Put it on the correct place, and band the dangling pars to the side of the door!
Its important to let about 1cm to the dangling part before bend it.

Thats all.